DaVita Health Solutions is the Health Plan Partner of Choice for C-SNPs

Who is DaVita Health Solutions?

We are DaVita's new venture for high-risk, poly-chronic patients, including but not limited to renal patients. We are passionate about significantly improving the quality of life for these patients, who often have difficulty accessing medical care, frequent the ER and hospital, and require a higher level of care than a traditional office visit can typically offer.

Our community-based medical groups provide comprehensive care services for a health plan's most vulnerable members—within the home, post-acute facility, dialysis center, or wherever they need care most. By helping patients get access to quality care, spend less time in the hospital, and live their healthiest lives, we also help reduce their total cost of care. That's why we are partnering with health plans to help address their high-risk populations. Chronic Special Needs Plans (C-SNPs) are a great way to take action.

Why Partner with DaVita Health Solutions?

  • DaVita has extensive C-SNP experience
    • 12 End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) C-SNPs today
    • Only provider to participate in CMS's SNP program consecutively since its inception in 2006
  • DaVita Health Solutions' comprehensive care model has proven value for Medicare Advantage patients with multiple chronic conditions1
    • 15-20% lower cost of care
    • 35-40% fewer hospitalizations
    • 10-15% fewer emergency room visits
    • 91% patient satisfaction

What are the benefits to our health plan partners?

  • Net new members in C-SNP markets
  • Guaranteed margin
  • Leverage your existing provider network, infrastructure and year round enrollment teams

What would partnership look like?

  • Create new C-SNP for poly-chronic members:
    • Eligible chronic conditions include diabetes, chronic heart failure, cardiovascular disorders, chronic lung disorders, and ESRD
  • Roles in the Partnership
    • DaVita Health Solutions
      • Hire and manage clinical and support teams
      • Engage and care for patients
      • Own financial risk
    • Health Plan
      • Leverage provider network and UM
      • Recruit members using existing sales and marketing teams
      • Process claims and payments
    • Together
      • Collaborate on program benefit design and pricing

Next Steps

  1. Apply for non-binding Notice of Intent (opens November 12, 2018)
  2. Finalize completed application by mid-February 2019
  3. Submit final bid to CMS in early June 2019
  4. Launch C-SNP in January 2020

We are excited to move forward in partnership to improve care and costs for your chronically ill members. We are ready to help you prepare all elements of the application.

Email us at healthsolutions@davita.com.

For more information, check out our infographic: C-SNP Partnership.

To learn more about DaVita Health Solutions, visit DaVitaHealthSolutions.com.

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